I use an eclectic and pragmatic approach to improvement tools and strategies. I have experience with the Model for Improvement, Lean, Learning Collaboratives, and Clinical Microsystems, among others.

I am here to support individuals or teams pursuing improvement in their work, but can also offer strategic support on development and delivery of improvement programs and curricula. 

No matter the method or model, I help you see underneath the often confusing jargon to uncover the concepts that underpin these approaches.


Fundamentally, I am rooted in the approach of W. Edwards Deming and believe in using rapid learning cycles, measurement with a focus on learning and improvement, and complex adaptive systems thinking. 

Most importantly, I encourage a strong focus on relational strategies, i.e. the hard work of cooperating, communicating, reflecting, and engaging oneself in change and improvement.



I offer longitudinal coaching support, lectures, and facilitated workshops.

In all cases, didactics are kept to a minimum. Instead, I use cases and stories and help you analyze, understand, and work through the issues that are currently facing you.


I've worked with individuals wanting to learn the basics, frontline and leadership teams wanting to learn together to improve their work, and organizations wanting to think strategically about quality.

I include a strong focus on interprofessional teamwork and never take for granted the support required to address issues of professional and organizational culture that can sometimes get in the way of improvement.

I also strongly encourage involvement of customers in the work of improvement. Depending on your setting, this could be patients, families, students, faculty members, or community members in general. 

 * SPECIAL SERVICES - with a background in program evaluation and qualitative methods, I will consider providing research or project management support to projects with a focus on developing the field of improvement science *