Katherine is a welcome addition to our Physician Manager Institute Leadership Program. She has joined an elite group of faculty who have been carefully selected to provide critical leadership training to the physicians of Canada. After seeing her 'in action', I can attest that Kath is an extremely engaging educator and has brought to our program relevant experience and research to support her teachings. Equally important, is the ease and agility of our faculty in managing the operational requirements of running a program such as ours, and Kath has been a pleasure to work with on both fronts. Katherine started as the faculty for one of our courses and has recently expanded to teaching another, an indicator that she has proven her success with both our team and our physician participants!


Emmanuelle Morin
Acting Director, Physician Learning & Professional Development
Canadian Medical Association


I have been working with Kath Stevenson as a lecturer and teacher of Improvement Knowledge and integration of measurements, e.g. Statistical Process Control, with focus on learning. My experience is that Kath is not afraid of experimenting with new pedagogical ideas to make content easier to understand and to motivate and support students to make a change in their own settings. She is very knowledgeable in Improvement Science and always creative in how she shares her knowledge with other faculty members and students. I have always had a lot of fun teaching and planning courses together with Katherine and I have also learnt a lot by working alongside her. I warmly recommend others to do the same.


AnnCharlott Norman
Course Administrator & Lecturer, the Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare, Sweden
PhD Candidate, Department of Pedagogy, Linnaeus University, Sweden


We engaged Katherine to help our specialist practice make some improvements.  We had some particular changes in mind, but the process Katherine lead us through turned up more pressing needs.  Her analysis of our practice (doctors and staff) turned up significant communication problems that made for an unsatisfactory work place.  Now that we understand these issues, she is helping us to make improvements that will help both doctors and staff work more productively.  We feel excited and positive to be making these changes to fix an important problem that we hadn’t even recognized.
Katherine is also coaching us about how to do this work on our own.  I’m particularly pleased that our staff is playing an active role in this work.   Her goal is to make us independently able to carry on this improvement work after her coaching is finished.  Teach a man to fish…!


Dr. Kishore Visvanathan
Saskatoon, Canada

Katherine has been steering our Quality Improvement work at the Student Wellness Centre for the last two years. She is an excellent facilitator who engages our front line staff on implementing practical solutions to complex problems. Katherine’s experience working with health care organizations and systems, coupled with her educational background, and sheer passion for her work, has made her an integral part of our continuous quality journey. I’m hesitant to write this testimonial as we want her to be always available to work with us!

Manager, Student Wellness Centre, University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Canada

recently took a Health Care Quality Improvement course offered through the Canadian Medical Association. Katherine was one of two instructors and it was a wonderful experience. Katherine is an engaging, dynamic and approachable speaker who is a clear expert in this area. Her insights were invaluable to my learning. I loved that she actively sought out feedback from the attendees during the course to make sure that she was addressing everyone's individual needs. She also provided me with additional material and references after the course in my specific area of interest. I cannot recommend her highly enough as an instructor and consultant in Quality Improvement!


Dr. Lucie Filteau
Ottawa, Canada


From 2008-2010, I had the pleasure to work with Kath Stevenson at the Health Quality Council. Her style of leadership lends itself naturally to words like coach and mentor. She has a knack for helping her colleagues discover their own strengths, while giving gentle correction when needed. As a novice improvement professional, I found in Kath a supportive and knowledgeable teacher who pushed me to test ideas and concepts, leading to personal growth. I look forward to an opportunity to work with her again.


Christina Southey
Quality Improvement Advisor, ImpactBC
Vancouver, Canada